Funding your case

Compromise Agreements - Free Advice To You


Employees must be advised by an independent legal advisor, ie a Solicitor, before entering into a compromise agreement with their employer. An employer will usually pay the employee's legal fees for obtaining this advice.


As long as your employer has agreed to pay your legal fees, we will Not Charge You Any Extra, we will charge your employer direct.Â



















Fixed Fee Appointments - Very Affordable Rates


At Deen & Co we understand that it can be very expensive to meet a Solicitor to discuss whether you have strong grounds to pursue any claim. If the Solicitor takes on your case the legal fees can be very high.


At Deen & Co we offer fixed fee appointments which are very competitively priced.


This ensures that you pay a small amount of money to meet and discuss your case with a Solicitor with no obligation to give us further instructions.Â


The appointment fees vary depending on the area of law, for example the fee will be different if you want advice in relation to Employment, Immigration or Family law.


Please Contact Us to Confirm the Cost of Your Fixed Fee Appointment.Â


If you decide that you want Deen & Co to represent you in your case we offer a variety of ways that you can fund your case;

























Fixed Fee Instructions


At the start of your case we inform you of exactly what work is required in your case and inform you of the exact cost from start to finish.

This means that you know the total amount you will pay for your case, and we guarantee not to charge you any extra money based on your instructions.


The fee varies depending on the area of law and your instructions. Please contact us to discuss your fixed fee.Â


If you attend a Fixed Fee Appointment with one of our Solicitors, we can discuss the Fixed Fee cost of pursuing any claim.Â


However, we must confirm that Fixed Fee Instructions are not possible in all cases.
















Pay As We Go


This is where we agree to charge you a fixed hourly rate to do your work. You only pay us for the work we do. We can give you an estimate of the cost at the start of the case, and keep you regularly updated in relation to the cost.Â


We offer very competitive hourly rates. Our rates can be discussed at your Fixed Fee Appointment with one of our Solicitors.Â



























No Win No Fee - Employment Law


In some Employment Law cases we may be able to offer you a contingency fee agreement, which is better known as a no win no fee.Â


There are a number of factors which we must consider before we are able to offer this as a funding option.Â


We are happy to discuss this with you at your Fixed Fee Appointment.




























Insurance Funding


Some household insurance policies offer payment of your legal fees for certain areas of law.Â


If you have household insurance and your insurer agrees to fund your case we can charge them for any work we do on your case.Â


Therefore we will not charge you for work on your case.Â
































Legal Aid / Public Funded


Unfortunately we are unable to offer legal aid / public funded work.